Montréal 2006: Album
February 20-26, 2006

For the past several years La Clef has brought young people together in Montréal in the month of February. Small groups from Calgary, AB and from Charlotte, NC met together with the La Clef youth through various events, with the purpose of exposing the needs and opportunities for sharing genuine Christianity in Montréal.



Adam, Christian, Frankie


Alex with the band.

Allan Heron, director of Youth For Christ talks with Adam

Those who went by road from Charlotte to Montréal were hosted mid-way in New Jersey by Darrell and Linda Caulfield (left).


Barry giving a hand in the kitchen.

Stéphanie a.k.a. Phän

Brendan trying to re-string Frankie's guitar. It kept breaking the strings.


Caleb talks with Dave, pastor of the emergent church known as


Brendan and Caroline, full-time La Clef staff in Montréal


Christian, Frankie, Jean-Seb, Alex

But they could be serious, too.


Colin, Katie

The concerts were recorded. You can find mp3 files here.

Alyce and Katie dancing ballet on Agnus Dei.

Dena, Alyce, and Katie

Eric and Clint were constantly testing each other -- Clint usually won.

Eric and Darrell

Maude played fiddle on Je t'emmène au vent.

Greg, a.k.a. Pete Pitre

Hélène B, Dena, June, Brendan, Greg

Hélène and June praying for each other.

Hélène M

Joel did a fantastic job setting up visuals and lighting for the concerts.

John was the sound man.

Justin and Jon

Cammi, Caroline, and Maude getting restless.

May Lee and Adam practicing visual media cues for the concerts.

Michelle helped coordinate the Calgary team's logistics.

Michelle and Heather


Introducing the artists

Patrice welcoming the audience.

Pete Pitre

Pierre LeBel of YWAM expanded our thinking on what evangelism should look like.

Rebecca, Hélène, and Anne-Catherine Morell

Ron Melançon and Frankie work with people of the street.

Silks and dance were used to special effect on Dans le nord canadien.

We went ice skating at Mont Royal.

Our Friday concert was at River's Edge church. Frankie and his band, Stars Keep Company, opened the concert.

Stéphanie with her sister Marie-Soleil who appeared in one of the visuals.

Phän opened the Sunday evening concert.

Terra Nova youth center

Colin and May Lee selling tickets

Hélène selling tickets. Proceeds were given to local charities as a goodwill gesture from the church.

Montréal was "cold on the outside but warm on the inside".

Students from Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, led by Barry Whatley (left).

On Sunday morning we led the new church in Terrebonne in worship.

Patrice Nagant (center) is pastor of the church, which meets in a hotel.

Brendan and Ben trying out the spotlight settings.

Alex and Maritsa