France 2004:
New Jersey Photos

Adam, Jean-Sebastien

Christian, Greg

Billy Anthony

Brandonk, Julie, Alyce

Christian, Brandon

Cammy, Dena, Stéphanie

Adam Short

Vision briefing

Write hands

Serious hockey

Watching hockey

Watching Tampa Bay beat Calgary

Instrumental rehearsal
June Hardee
Nathalie, Maude, Christian
In the parking lot
Easton Bible Church
Maude is the center of attention
Praying for Greg
Alyce, Julie, Brandon, Adam
7 on a sofa
Stéphanie, Alyce, Julie
Stéphanie Blanchet
Thumb wrestling
Christian leading us in worship
Dawn Anthony, Nathalie Nault
Life is hard...
Christian, Brendan, Caleb
Dena Hardee
Frankie, Brendan
Greg, Dawn
Greg, Stéphanie