Montréal 2005:

February 21-28

Montréal 2005 is a unique youth conference in that will take place in Montréal, Québec, Canada, February 21 - 28, 2005.

We are excited to be regathering around the ministry of La Clef in conjunction with the newly opened Terra Nova Youth Center of Jeunesse Pour Christ/Youth for Christ in Montréal. Once again students from Rocky Mountain College in Calgary, led by Québec missionary, pastor, teacher and professor Barry Whatley will join with a team of youth from Steele Creek Church and Charlotte Christian School, both of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The students will interact with Christian leaders and servants from the Christian family in and around Montréal and Québec. The purpose overall is to expose the students to the ministry and reality of the remnant church, the jewel, the pearl that is found in Québec. We imagine that the Lord will CHALLENGE and make us GROW in the areas of reconciliation, heartbreak, vision and imagination. Rock us Lord!

Among other activities, members of La Clef will present two concerts at the end of the week.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

Monday, Feb 21, arrive at Terra Nova and get settled.
Tuesday, Feb 22, drive to Québec City for an overnight visit. Presentation of the ministry of La Clef.
Wednesday - Friday, Feb 23-25, sessions with various leaders in Montréal, including Pierre Lebel, Hélène Morel, and Allan Heron.
Friday, Feb 25, concert at Terra Nova.
Saturday, Feb 26, concert at River's Edge Church.
Sunday, Feb 27, attend worship service. End of the conference.

The conference is hosted by Terra Nova, and the participants will be sleeping there.