Rehearsal Tracks

(These mp3 scratch tracks are intended for the team. Others can listen if you like, but the recordings aren't very polished).

Magnificat (2007) Piano rehearsal track (mp3 3.9 mb)

Travailler c'est trop dur (mp3 5.8 mb)
Lyrics for Travailler (Word 27 lb)

Dans le nord canadien (mp3 4.9 mb)
Lyrics for Dans le nord (Word 36 kb)

L'auto-stop (Maxime LeForestier) (mp3 2.4 mb)
Lyrics for L'auto-stop (txt 2 kb)

La Confiance au Seigneur (mp3 3.3mb)

Jésus sois le centre (mp3 4.3 mb)
Lyrics for Jésus sois le centre (Word 28 kb)

Jesus Holy and Anointed (Fr.) (mp3 5.3 mb)
Lyrics for Jesus Holy and Anointed (Fr.) (Word 21 kb)

Viens Sur Moi (mp3 5 mb)

Brahms 3rd Symphony 3rd Movement (Orig. version) (mp3 5.4 mb)

Agnus Dei (Orig. version from Fauré's Requiem) (mp3 5.7 mb)
Agnus Dei (Jessi Clarkson, Sopr.) (mp3 4 mb)
Agnus Dei - All parts (mp3 2.7 mb)
Agnus Dei - Soprano (mp3 1.4 mb)
Agnus Dei - Alto (mp3 0.6 mb)
Agnus Dei - Tenor (mp3 0.7 mb)
Agnus Dei - S.A.T. harmony (mp3 0.5 mb)
Sheet music for Agnus Dei Page1 (jpg 197 kb)
Sheet music for Agnus Dei Page2 (jpg 251 kb)
Sheet music for Agnus Dei Page3 (jpg 88 kb)

Magnificat - Piano performance track (mp3 3.7 mb)
Magnificat - Piano & "cello" rehearsal track (mp3 3.6 mb)
Magnificat - Coaching track for Jessi (mp3 3.6 mb)

Kissed By His Nature (Elizabeth's song, English version) (mp3 5.3 mb)
Embrassé Par Sa Nature (French lyrics pronounced for Eliz.) (mp3 2.5mb)
Lyrics for Embrassé (txt 1kb)

La nouvelle heure (Stéphanie & Nathalie)(mp3 3.3mb)
Lyrics for La nouvelle heure (French & English)(doc 23kb)
Lyrics for Mal à l'âme (French & English)(doc 20kb)
Lyrics for Houston j'ai un problème (French & English)(doc 23kb)

Worship set (Montreal group)

1- Manifeste ta presence (mp3 1.9 mb)
2- L’échange (Trading my sorrows) (mp3 1.3 mb)
3- Entends mon coeur (Listen to my heart) (mp3 1.6 mb)
4- Sois le centre (Be the center) (mp3 1.3 mb)
5- Je te donne toute ma louange (You are worthy of my praise) (mp3 1.1 mb)
6- Jésus, Jésus (Holy and anointed One) (mp3 2 mb)
7- Ouvre les yeux de mon cœur (Open the eyes of my heart) (mp3 1.3 mb)
8- Viens sur moi (Fall on me) (mp3 1.9 mb)
9- Chant joyeux (Happy song) (mp3 1.2 mb)
10- Attire moi près de toi (Draw me close to you) (mp3 1.1 mb)
11- Viens comme tu l’as promis (Come like you promised) (mp3 1.1 mb)
12- Refuge en toi (Refuge in you) (mp3 1.2 mb)
13- Dieu tu es grand et digne (mp3 .84 mb)
14- Sainteté (Take my life) (mp3 1.6 mb)

French lyrics for worship set (Word 45 kb)

English lyrics for worship set (Word 49 kb)