La Clef:
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Prayer requests

September 2007. Alain Soudrain, from France, will be traveling with Greg Hardee to make presentations about the La Clef ministry in Charlotte, North Carolina, Calgary, Alberta, and Montréal, Québec. Pray for safe travels and good response.

February 19, 2006. The Hardee family, with John Dudeck, Ben Telford, and Eric Jeter, are traveling by road to Montreal. Pray for safe travel, and for the Lord's blessing on the youth conference and outreach concerts to be held this week in Montreal.

November 14, 2005. The financial situation of La Clef will be presented to Steele Creek Church of Charlotte this week. Please pray with us to find a team of regular supporters for La Clef. Click here for the financial summary report showing our needs.

August 23, 2005. Brendan Hardee will be presenting his ministry in Montréal at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte. Pray that many interested supporters will attend.

August 17, 2005. The La Clef Council has been formed with nine charter members. The next meeting will be September 26, 2005.

August 15, 2005. Pray for a meeting today to form a "board" or "advisory council" in view of future establishing a non-profit organization.

January 18, 2005. Pray for the Montréal 2005 Youth Conference. Pray that the Lord will draw those that He wants to participate.

October 2004. We have received the final statement of our expenses in France, and we still owe about US$20,000. We have about $1,500 so far. Please pray with us for the provision if these funds.

August 10, 2004. We have been home a week now -- praise the Lord for a successful trip. Pray that the Lord will help the churches in Trèbes and Castelnaudary be strengthened and encouraged and filled with joy that overflows.

August 3, 2004. Please pray that each team member will arrive home safely.

August 2, 2004. We must leave very early to be able to get to Marseille for a 6:50 am flight. Pray everything will go smoothly. We should be arriving home in the afternoon.

Update: The airplane flight from Marseille was canceled due to an engine problem which put smoke into the cabin, and we were evacuated onto the tarmac. Praise the Lord that nothing serious happened. The team is spending the night in Marseille. We were able to have a delightful French Cuisine dinner at the hotel, paid for by the airline. We will be leaving by various flights on Aug 3rd. They have upgraded our seats to Business Class.

August 1, 2004. We will be presenting an evangelistic worship service in a public location in Trèbes. Pray that we will have the words to speak, that the Spirit of God will move mightily, and that the new church in Trèbes will be encouraged. After church we return to Alain Soudrain's home in Orange.

Update: The only people who came were the believers who make up the new church being started in Trèbes. It was a very good time of edification and encouragement.

July 31, 2004. The final concert was held in Trèbes in a large 2000-seat arena. Pray that many people will come, that we will perform well, and that the message of the Gospel will be understood.

Update: the concert was attended by about 120 people, and went very well.

July 30, 2004. We will be giving a concert in Puichéric, a very small village. Pray as well for other villages that declined to have a concert, that the people will come to one of the other concerts.

July 29, 2004. We will be giving a concert in Caunes-Minervois. Pray concerning some unresolved logistical issues for this concert.

July 28, 2004. Today we are preparing more music and speaking parts for the next three concerts.

July 27, 2004. Another day of relaxation. We are going to the Mediterranean coast.

July 26, 2004. We have had our first three concerts in Pennautier, Rieux-Minervois, and Castelnaudary on Friday Saturday and Sunday. Pray that we will know best how to plant the seeds of faith in God through our concerts. Pray for "Joe", who has been following us around. The concerts have been very tiring. Today is a day of rest for the team. Praise that we have finally found a place to connect to the internet to update this web site. (That why we haven't posted any info since the 21st).

July 21, 2004. The whole team arrived safely without problems yesterday afternoon. After a little rest, we are ready to get to work. Please pray for this time of orientation, that we will grasp the essential points that we need for communicating effectively. Pray for our music rehearsals, that all will come together to make an appealing performance.

July 19, 2004. Today the team leaves for Europe, arriving tomorrow in Marseille, France. Please pray for safe travel. Pray also for Greg Hardee and family who have been in France since last Tuesday. Greg is finalizing arrangements for our concerts. Pray for the Mayor of Carcassonne, who has rejected (so far) our request to perform in that town.

July 10, 2004. We still have not received gifts to cover any our expenses in France, but after prayer and consultation with all concerned we have decided to proceed. We have some assurance that we will not get into a bind, and we are confident that the Lord will provide according to His perfect plan. Please join with the team by taking a time to fast and pray between now and the July 19th departure date.

June 30, 2004. Greg has gone to South Louisiana to visit his Cajun relatives and try to get better in touch with the culture of his Cajun heritage. Pray for Greg as he uses this time to reflect deeply upon the message we will be communicating in France.

Today Billy and Dawn Anthony decided to not come on the trip due to personal financial reasons.

June 28, 2004. Our airline tickets were purchased today! Steele Creek Church advanced us the $3100 that we are still short for the tickets. After that is paid, we still need about $21,000 for our expenses in France. Also, Elizabeth Allison decided to not come on the trip, so the number of people going to France has dropped to 22.

Please be praying for the musicians who are still learning a lot of new music.

June 22, 2004. As of today, we have received or have been promised over $15,000, leaving a little over $5,000 needed to purchase our airline tickets on June 28th. After that we still need about $22,000 for other expenses. Pray for the event at Cherokee Cove on Friday evening, where we will give a concert and present the ministry.

June 18, 2004. Our travel agent will be away on vacation next week -- so he got us a deadline extension until June 28th for buying our tickets! There will be a car wash in Pineville, NC to raise funds on June 19th, and a special offering collected at Steele Creek Church of Charlotte on the 20th.

June 12, 2004. We have just heard about two new believers in Trèbes! Praise the Lord. One of our team, Joan Gaston, has decided to not come on the trip. We now still need US$14,000 more by June 21st at the latest to buy our airline tickets.

June 2, 2004. We have received about US$3,500 towards the trip. We need an additional $18,000 in the next two weeks in order to pay for airline tickets, and $21,500 more by July 15th.

June 1, 2004. The team continues to prepare the songs they will be performing in France. Pray that they will be able to genuinely communicate from the soul.

May 30, 2004. The Exposé was attended by over 50 people, and was great. Many people were moved and impressed by the prospects of our approach to ministry in France.

May 27, 2004. Pray for the upcoming Exposé on Sunday evening May 30th. This has been announced throughout the Charlotte area, and we are praying that the Lord will send those who have a heart for the French-speaking world. It will include an opportunity to contribute financially to the trip.

May 7, 2004. Praise the Lord that we have confirmation that we can use the Theatre in Trèbes for a concert on July 31st, free of charge!

April 30, 2004. Praise the Lord that reservations for travel and accomodations have been made. Now that we are committed to make the trip, we are trusting that the Lord will provide the funds needed.

Pray for the musicians as they select and learn the music they will be performing in the concerts. Some of the singers will be learning new songs in French.

April 19, 2004. Many of the logistical preparations are coming together both in France and in North America.

Essential to the success of the tour is the need for places to perform in the villages and towns. Please pray for those in charge, particularly the mayors of the towns, that their hearts will be disposed to grant permission needed. Particuarly pray that the amphitheatre in Trèbes will be made available.

Please pray that the Lord will provide the finances needed for the trip.