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La Clef

La Clef, a Manifesto

La Nouvelle Revolution (English)

La Clef \ la klay \, n. French for the key.

La Clef is a ministry that uses the arts and heritage to reach the heart of the French world.

Internship Program

Since August 2003 La Clef has worked with Jeunesse Pour Christ Montréal (Youth For Christ) in developing an internship program, which introduces and develops potential long-term commitments to French-speaking culture.


Brendan Hardee, married to Québécoise Caroline Préfontaine, is leading our long-term work for Montréal's French communities.

Frankie Martinez, using art as a tool, is committed to Montréal's inner-city homeless community.


Annual Montréal Conference each February.

France Tour. We took a group to France in 2004, and are preparing to take another tour in 2008.

La Clef Ministry Presentations

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... the key to the French heart